Amazon Cloud Drive mit unlimitiertem Speicherplatz

Nachdem Apple die iCloud vorstellte und Google mit Google Music kommt, war Amazon mit seinem Cloud Drive unter Zugzwang. Nun hat Amazon reagiert und gibt mächtig Platz in der Cloud.

Für 20$ bekommt man unbegrenzten Platz für Musik in der Amazon Cloud. Wer bereits ein Abo hatte bekommt die Differenz zurück erstattet:


Thanks for your prior purchase of the 100 GB Amazon Cloud Drive storage plan.  Beginning today, all paid Cloud Drive storage plans include unlimited space for MP3 and AAC (.m4a) music files at no extra charge for a limited time.  Learn more here:

Because your current plan now includes unlimited space for music, we’re refunding the difference between the cost of your original Cloud Drive plan of 100 GB and the cost of a current 20 GB plan ($20), which is the least-expensive Cloud Drive plan that includes unlimited space for music. A refund of $80 will be issued to the card originally used for your Amazon Cloud Drive storage plan. Refunds are typically completed within 10 business days and will appear as a credit on your credit card statement.

We hope to see you again soon!


The Amazon MP3 Team

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